Published On: 03/24/2022


iOS users joined Pixel Play LLC in a unique opportunity to be the first to try ‘PXLPLAY™’ for mobile. These pioneers are the first to bounce, slide, flip, and run through this fun mobile arcade game. Congrats to Shawn and Ella for winning our fresh new merchandise!

Here’s what our testers said: 

“The PXL character designs are genius.”  

“I love the fact that the course is random and different every time.” 

“I keep playing to try to get more points and beat my last score! Just like old-school arcade games.” 

“PXLPLAY is the best version of Zig Zag I’ve ever played. So fun!”

“I have hopes of beating the developers on the leaderboard : )”

“It makes me nostalgic – remembering how frustrating it was to learn Mario Kart as a kid but I loved it and I love this game!”

“Simple is awesome!”


“PXLPLAY” is the company’s first release for iOS and Android. PXLPLAY is a free mobile arcade game designed to bring endless fun to everyone who plays. With simple instructions and tap-tap gameplay, “PXL” is the first character you’ll meet. His happy bright color grabs your attention, and he’s hungry for pixel points. And more friends.

Continue the adventure with PXL and you’ll find a unique path awaits each time you play, while achievements and surprising boosts will keep you engaged in this stress-free and colorful pixel world. The ability to shrink and grow, accelerate, earn more pixel points, and expand your collection of playful characters is limitless.


Pixel Play LLC is an indie studio dedicated to creating colorful, engaging, and fun games for everyone. 

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