Published On: 07/24/2022

North Texans who haven’t visited a Free Play Arcade yet are genuinely missing out. There’s something for everyone at all the locations Free Play offers – Richardson, Denton, Arlington, and Fort Worth. For a flat fee at the door, guests enjoy unlimited play on a collection of classic arcade and pinball games that are meticulously maintained. Throw in organized leagues, tournaments, prizes, live entertainment, local craft beer, food, neon lights, custom murals, and a fantastic playlist, and you’ve got yourself a perfect destination for fun.

When owner Corey Hyden was further expanding Free Play a few years back, he told The Dallas Morning News “We’re doing everything we can to keep investing and keep getting better. We haven’t ever had profit as our main focus,” Hyden says. “It’s really about bringing as many of these games back to life as possible, because it’s a lot of fun. So that’s the goal, is to keep opening them as long as D-FW will support them, and then stop and be proud that we brought a bunch of games to D-FW that no one thought would ever get played again.” Earlier this year, Free Play reached a huge milestone with their fourth “Dream Game Space” on the Square in Denton. You have a great deal to be proud of, Corey.

We’ve partnered up with Free Play Arlington’s Killer Queen Kids League this summer and couldn’t be happier. It’s a blast to watch kids team up with new friends and battle to protect the Queen! Congrats to recent winners Snailed It and Team Jacket – we look forward to more.

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