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#1 Current Events Clicker

Do you fantasize about being a nauseatingly pro-American current events hero? Ever fear mysterious spy balloons? Do you imagine sending electric cars to drift endlessly through space? Grooving with aliens? Or getting verified as a real person?

Murica top hat with earth and moon landing, tap fast clicker game
Electrifyingly addictive game screen with I licked that sticker
Magic Licker 8 Ball earn mega booster screenshot
Clown World with plasma burst
Verified Happy Face with space laser, no fake news

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Collect Lick’n Awesome Boosters

Go Lick The World boosters - sputlick, satellite, rocket, space, link, shuttle, f35, Air Force One, UFO, car in space


Go Lick The World, Spy Balloon, Space Laser

Taste Wonders of the World

Go Lick The World level up items - San Francisco, Moai, Pyramid, Stonehenge, antarctic pyramid, Atlantis, White House,Great Pyramids

Daily Boosters

Go Lick The World daily boosters - impeachment, Taco Tuesday, #winningwednesday, hot dog, red lips, ice cream sniffer, pizza party


Go Lick The World reward items - murica, lick happens, magic licker, Texas, Clown World, Eclipse glasses, trucker hat, thug life, Ball Cap, Lick-o-vision, Royal Crown, Lickinati

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Verified blue checkmark game IAP

Build world trust and fight disinformation

Lick GPT

Lick GPT artificial intelligence IAP game booster

Embrace AI and let it lick for you

Moon Landing

Moon landing hoax IAP for Go Lick The World

One Giant Lick for Mankind

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Freedom isn't free eagle holding dollar bills

Because Freedom isn’t free

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