Published On: 12/07/2021


Pixel Play LLC introduces itself and the character ‘PXL’ to audiences on the web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Pixel Play LLC is an indie studio dedicated to creating colorful, engaging, and fun games for everyone. Co-founded by a husband and wife team, Pixel Play LLC is made with love and pixels. 

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Founded in 2020, Andy Gotcher was motivated to bring ‘byte’ size entertainment to the masses through original and adventurous arcade games. Andy is a seasoned Art Director/Game Designer who has helped create huge hits like Words with Friends, Chess with Friends, Matching with Friends, We Rule, Halo Wars, Terminator 3, Mission Impossible, Stuntman, and Riff the Robot. Truth be told, he was a founding teammate for a handful of these titles, even though he’s pretty chill about that. Andy worked in the mixed reality space for several years, too. 

Joined by his wife Valerie in 2022, she shines a lens on characters created by Andy that humanizes and connects them to the gaming community. Valerie is a speech therapist and experienced leader with a history of success in the human services industry. She finds deep satisfaction in connecting people to what they need and is passionate about bringing joy to Pixel Play fans. Valerie is responsible for establishing the nonprofit “BIND: Brain Injury Network of Dallas” and led the organization for 10 years. Click here to read more!


“PXLPLAY™” is the company’s first release (scheduled for 2022) for iOS and Android. PXLPLAY™ is a free mobile arcade game designed to bring endless fun to everyone who plays. With simple instructions and tap-tap gameplay, “PXL” is the first character you’ll meet. His happy bright color grabs your attention, and he’s hungry for pixel points. And more friends. Follow PXL and his friends on our social media channels today @PixelPlayHQ!