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Need an escape from the everyday? This is where people and pixels play.

Pixel Play LLC is an indie studio dedicated to creating colorful, engaging, and fun games for everyone. Co-founded by a husband and wife team, Pixel Play LLC is made with love and pixels.

Founded in 2020, Andy Gotcher was motivated to bring ‘byte size’ entertainment to the masses through original and adventurous arcade games. Andy is a seasoned Art Director/Game Designer who has helped create huge hits like Words with Friends, Chess with Friends, Matching with Friends, We Rule, Halo Wars, Terminator 3, Mission Impossible, Stuntman, Riff the Robot, and PXLPLAY. He was a founding teammate for most of these titles, even though he’s pretty chill about that. Andy worked in the mixed reality space for several years, too.

He’s joined by his wife Valerie – she focuses on user engagement, copywriting, and the business side of operations. Valerie is a speech therapist and experienced leader with a history of success in human services, healthcare, and nonprofits. She finds deep satisfaction in connecting people to what they need, and she’s passionate about bringing joy to Pixel Play fans.

About Go Lick the World,
The #1 Current Events Clicker

“GO LICK THE WORLD!” is Pixel Play’s newest release for mobile – a casual clicker game fusing adventure and simulation genres. “GLTW” is designed to entertain players with an absurdly funny twist on current events. Pixel Play is known for creating uncomplicated gameplay, and with simple tap-tap action, GLTW stays true to mission. It’s a freemium game that monetizes with interstitial ads, reward ads that unlock planet skins, and in-app purchases.

“Go Lick The World!” players safeguard the seemingly carefree spinning Earth by tapping as fast as possible to eliminate evil threats (like Chinese spy balloons) while earning tons of points and unlocking controversial artifacts. The real kicker is that the tapper is actually a licker. A tongue! Call it hilarious, gross, or even political… We just call it fun.

Why, you ask? SO MANY REASONS. First off, if licking the world is good enough for the leader of the free nation to suggest (and thus inspire this game’s title!), it should be good enough for all of us. Second, it’s time we loosen up and laugh through the absurdity of today’s most trending news. And finally – with current events as our muse, there is no limit to the additional content we can add – updates are going to be epic!


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Go Lick The World - Hero Screenshot - Totality Seeker Eclipse Glasses
Go Lick The World - Hero Screenshot - Lickinati King of the World
Go Lick The World - Hero Screenshot - Clown World

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