Published On: 03/15/2023

We have amazing news! Pixel Play LLC is a 2023 Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Award finalist for “Best Indie Developer!” What an honor to make the cut of 10 finalists from hundreds of talented independent game developers across the globe. THANK YOU, Pocket Gamer!

For the first time ever, Pocket Gamer elected to leave voting to the gaming industry versus a closed group of judges. And we think that’s really cool. 

Pocket Gamer says:

…we have opened up the voting phase to the industry beyond our traditional panel of selected judges. We consider it one way of ensuring the entire process is more inclusive and representative with regards to who and what really stood out last year.

We received hundreds of submissions which, after an intense shortlisting process, have determined the finalists…

Thanks so much for casting a vote for Pixel Play! Winners announced April 20.

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